Info to new doctoral students, Monday 6.11.2017, from 12 to 16 o'clock (D209)

Info about instructions, practices and planning your postgraduate studies. This info is intended especially for doctoral students starting their PhD studies, but all doctoral students are welcome.

NB: this info is included in the course HYTJ1000 Doctoral seminar (mentioned in the syllabus of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences). If you are unable to participate in the info, contact the teacher in charge of your doctoral seminar and ask about compensatory personal assignments.

  • If you are completing your doctoral degree before 31.7.2020 according to the Faculty of Humanities' syllabus for postgraduate studies and you need to complete the compulsory HTKJ101 Introduction to Doctoral Studies (2 ECTS) module, contact Coordinator Heli Niskanen for more information.

More information about program and enrolment (pdf)