Postgraduate Degrees

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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers postgraduate studies that aim for a licentiate or a doctoral degree in either Philosophy or Social Sciences. The degree depends on the specialisation and the student’s previous degrees.

Postgraduate degrees, degree programmes, and their specialisations: 

Degree programmes and their specialisations
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Licentiate of Philosophy (Lic.Phil.)

Doctoral programme of the Department of History and Ethnology

  • economic history, ethnology and anthropology, Finnish history, general history

Doctoral programme of the Department of Language and Communication Studies

  • applied Linguistics, communication, English, Finnish, Finnish Sign Language, German language and culture, intercultural communication, journalism, Romance philology, Russian language and culture, Swedish

Doctoral programme of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

  • art education, art history, contemporary culture, creative writing, hungarian studies (NB you can no longer apply for this specialisation), literature, museology, music education, musicology, music therapy

Doctoral programme of the Centre for Applied Language Studies

  • applied linguistics

Doctoral programme of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Ph.D. only)

  • Doctor of Social Sciences (D.Soc.Sc.)
  • Licentiate of Social Sciences (Lic.Soc.Sc)

Doctoral programme of the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy

The doctoral degree can be completed with four years of full-time work. The extent of a four-year doctoral degree is 240 ECTS credits. The degree consists of a doctoral dissertation and additional postgraduate studies. The doctoral dissertation must be an independent, research-based, scientific study. The dissertation can be an article dissertation or a monograph or a combination of these two. The dissertation is subjected to public examination. Read more

On special occasions, it is possible to obtain a licentiate degree. It consists of a licentiate thesis and additional postgraduate studies. The optional licentiate degree includes a study that shows familiarity with the subject and the ability to apply scientific research methods. To expand a licentiate degree into a doctoral degree, the student simply needs to submit a doctoral dissertation.