The Wolmar Schildt Institute and the coordination of the Doctoral School


The Wolmar Schildt Institute (steering board) conducts and coordinates the Faculty Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Each of the Faculty’s departments has representation at the steering board of the institute. Read more about the Institute and the steering board.

The Wolmar Schildt Steering Board also works as the Faculty’s follow-up group for doctoral studies, in which capacity it

  • plans and organises the Faculty’s doctoral studies so that it is possible in ideal cases to obtain a degree in four years;
  • monitors and assesses the progression of doctoral students in their studies;
  • solves any severe problems in supervision or the progression of post-graduate studies;
  • informs the person in charge of the Faculty’s doctoral studies of any problems regarding the progression of doctoral studies or funding.

As a follow-up group for doctoral studies, the Wolmar Schildt Steering Board

  • analyses circumstances related to enrolment and graduation of doctoral students and considers possible further action in relation to them. Annually, the Steering Board deals with material such as
    • awarded postgraduate study rights;
    • the questionnaires connected to the Korppi enrolment every autumn;
    • supervision enquiries; and
    • the information reported to University of Jyväskylä Graduate School every spring;
  • meets, if necessary, to sort individual supervision-related cases. Parties connected to the specific situation may be summoned to the meetings; and
  • regularly organises training on doctoral studies and supervision for postgraduate supervisors (including difficult situations and solving them).