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Crisis Lab –Fall 2018 Seminar: Approaches to Crises in HYTK

Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018

Time: 9:00-16:00

Venue: C 4, (Main building), University of Jyväskylä

The goal of the CRISES profiling area is to examine various (often competing and contested) aspects of crisis: how they are defined and understood conceptually; how crises come about and how they evolve; and how they relate to global, national, and local physical environments and human action. The profiling area concentrates on the historical and societal changes that precede, attend, and result from crises, without losing sight of historical continuity in and after crises. Crises are concrete, real states of affairs. But they are also experienced, and discursively constructed, and can sometimes be created and maintained on purpose. Hence, CRISES will take into account all these three levels: empiricalexperienced, and discursive.

JYU Profiling area ”Crises Redefined: Historical continuity and Societal Change” will host its fall seminar onApproaches to Crises in HYTK. This seminar is continuation from last year’s seminar, concentrating now on focus area 2, “Politicized crises: discourses and practices”.  Seminar starts with keynote lecture by professor Nick Vaughan-Williams from the University of Warwick and follows with project presentations. 

Research groups, people working on personal grants and projects at different stages are all welcome. If you are interested in introducing your project, contact our coordinator via email. There is still room for couple of presentations at the moment.

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