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ETHNOGRAPHY WITH A TWIST conference 12.–14.2.2019

Open programme to all JYU students and staff including keynote lectures and sessions (for full details, see the conference web page) 

Tuesday, 12 February

12.30–14.00 Keynote lecture by Marie Sandberg: "Ethnography et al.: Doing situated collaborative research on informal networks working in support of refugees coming to Europe" (C1, Main Building)

14.30-16.30 Session: Ethnography in an Institutional Setting Chair: Tommi Kotonen (C4, Main building) 

16.30-17.30 Poster session Chair: Tuuli Lähdesmäki (Main Building C, Lobby)

Wednesday, 13 February

9.00-10.30 Session: Autoethnography in a Family Setting Chair: Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto (C1, Main building)

10.45–12.15 Keynote lecture by Tom Boellstorff: "Twisting Ethnography: Paraethnographic Film and Disability in Virtual Worlds" (C1, Main Building)

13.30-15.00 Session: Ethnography of Identities and Communities Chair: Viktorija Čeginskas(C1, Main building)

Thursday, 14 February

9.00-10.30 Session: Ethnography in a Research Group Chair: Johanna Turunen (C5, Main building)

10.45–12.30 Film screening with Tom Boellstorff:Bernhard Drax (2018) Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is Me (S212, Seminarium Building)

14.15–16.00 Plenary panel discussion: New Twists in Ethnographic Research (C1, Main Building)


Crisis Lab –Fall 2018 Seminar: Approaches to Crises in HYTK

Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018

Time: 9:00-16:00

Venue: C 4, (Main building), University of Jyväskylä

The goal of the CRISES profiling area is to examine various (often competing and contested) aspects of crisis: how they are defined and understood conceptually; how crises come about and how they evolve; and how they relate to global, national, and local physical environments and human action. The profiling area concentrates on the historical and societal changes that precede, attend, and result from crises, without losing sight of historical continuity in and after crises. Crises are concrete, real states of affairs. But they are also experienced, and discursively constructed, and can sometimes be created and maintained on purpose. Hence, CRISES will take into account all these three levels: empiricalexperienced, and discursive.

JYU Profiling area ”Crises Redefined: Historical continuity and Societal Change” will host its fall seminar on Approaches to Crises in HYTK. This seminar is continuation from last year’s seminar, concentrating now on focus area 2, “Politicized crises: discourses and practices”.


09:00 Registration & Coffee

09:15 Seminar opening: Prof. Mika Ojakangas

09:30 Keynote: Prof. Nick Vaughan-Williams, University of Warwick (Commentator: Tuija Saresma)

10:30 Focus Area 2 Project Introductions (20mins each)

  • Antero Holmila: Crisis in History and Historiography
  • Sergei Prozorov: Crisis in Politics and Governance
  • Tommi Kotonen: Crises and the Ideology of the Extreme Right
  • Jari Ojala and Miikka Voutilainen: Crises and slow growth in history

12:15 Lunch break

13:15 15 Minute Project Introductions (10 minute introductions + 5 min discussion)

  • Karina Horsti: Naming the dead: counter-politics at Europe's fatal border
  • Nathan Lillie: H2020 project SIRIUS
  • Tiina Silvasti: Research Group Food System Studies
  • Marita Husso and Sanna Karkulehto: Research Group on Violence

14:15 Coffee Break

14:30 15 Minute Project Introductions (10 minute introductions + 5min discussion)

  • Pertti Ahonen: The Vanquished as Victims: Post-War Victimization Discourses and Their Uses in the European Loser States of the Second World War'
  • Pasi Ihalainen: Crises of Representative Democracy; Cosmopolitan, International, Global, Supranational, Transnational: A European History of Concepts Beyond Nation States
  • Laura Stark:  How to market and manage a ‘crisis’: the case of child marriage in the developing world
  • Urpo Kovala: Politics, Media and Mainstream Populism (MAPO)
  • Carola Wide: The Crisis of Abjection: The Wolf Girl in Contemporary Narratives of the Eurocentric Folktale "Little Red Riding Hood."

15:45 Closing words

Organized by JYU Profiling area Crises Redefined: Historical continuity and Societal Change. Funded by the Academy of Finland. Contact person: Tommi Kotonen, Research Coordinator. tommi.kotonen@jyu.fi   

Registration via Korppi: https://korppi.jyu.fi/kotka/course/student/generalCourseInfo.jsp?course=236119

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