List of areas of expertise and experts

This list contains areas of expertise of members of the game research network and experts names. If you need the contact info for a person found on a list, you can find the most up-to-date info by using staff contact search on the right side.
# Name Subject
A Arjoranta Jonne Digital Culture
Auvinen Tommi Management and Leadership
C Chia Aleena
F Frank Lauri Computer Science and Information Systems
K Kari Tuomas Computer Science and Information Systems
Kerttula Tero Art and culture
Koivula Merja Education
N Nousiainen Tuula Finnish Institute for Educational Research
P Pasanen Tero Digital Culture
Piirainen-Marsh Arja Languages
R Riivari Elina Management and Leadership
S Siitonen Marko Communication
V Varsaluoma Jukka Mathematical Information Technology
Vesisenaho Mikko Department of Teacher Education
Välisalo Tanja Contemporary Culture
W Wilen Lauri Mathematical Information Technology
Ä Äyrämö Sanna-Mari Digital Culture