This list contains names of members of the gender research network. If you need the contact info for a person found on this list, you can find the most up-to-date info by using staff contact search.
# Name Title Subject
A Aho Timo Ph.D.Candidate Sociology
Amey Evgenia PhD Candidate Contemporary culture
D Dlaske Kati Postdoctoral Researcher Applied Linguistics
E Elmgren Heidi Ph.D.Candidate Philosophy
F Frigren Pirita Postdoctoral Researcher Finnish History
H Halonen Mia Docent, Senior Researcher Applied Language Studies
Harjunen Hannele Senior Lecturer Gender Studies
Husso Marita Docent, Senior Lecturer Social and Public Policy
Hytönen Kirsi-Maria Postdoctoral Researcher Ethnology
J Jantunen Jarmo Harri Professor Finnish Language
Julkunen Lauri Ph.D.Candidate Finnish History
Juntti Eira Part-time Teacher (Ph.D) Gender Studies
Jäntti Saara Postdoctoral Researcher Applied Language Studies
K Karkulehto Sanna Professor Literature
Kauppinen Merja Lecturer Applied Linguistics and Teacher Education
Kaup­pi­nen Eli­na Ph.D.Candidate General History
Kavoura Anna Post­doc­to­ral Re­searc­her Sport Pedagogy
Koistinen Aino-Kaisa Senior Researcher Literature/Contemporary Culture
Koskinen-Koivisto Eerika Postdoctoral Researcher Ethnology
Kosonen Heidi Ph.D.Candidate Art History
Kotilainen Sofia Docent, Project Researcher Finnish History
L Lahti Annukka Ph.D.Candidate Gender Studies
Laine Jonna Ph.D.Candidate Ethnology, Anthropology
Lehtonen Sanna University Lecturer Applied Linguistics
M Mankki Laura Ph.D.Candidate Gender Studies
Mustosmäki Armi University Teacher Social and Public Policy
N Niiranen Anna Ph.D.Candidate General History
Notko Marianne Postdoctoral Researcher Social and Public Policy
O Okkolin Mari-Anne University Teacher Education
P Puranen Karoliina Ph.D.Candidate Finnish History
Päivinen Helena Postdoctoral Researcher Psychology
R Reuter Martina University Lecturer Gender Studies
Roiha Taija Ph.D.Candidate Literature
Ruonakoski Erika University Researcher Philosophy
S Saarimäki Pasi Postdoctoral Researcher Finnish History
Saresma Tuija University Researcher Contemporary Culture
Sevón Eija Postdoctoral Researcher Education and Adult Education
Sihto Tiina Ph.D.Candidate Social and Public Policy
Stark Laura Professor Ethnology
Sulkunen Sari Senior Lecturer Finnish Language
Säilävaara Jenny Ph.D.Candidate Gender Studies
T Tuovinen Meri Ph.D.Candidate Ethnology, Anthropology
Turunen Arja Postdoctoral researcher Ethnology
V Valtonen Heli Senior Researcher History
Y Ylikotila Anna-Kaisa Ph.D.Candidate Finnish History