The HYTTI welfare and health researcher network

The HYTTI health and welfare research network The HYTTI researcher network of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences uses a multidisciplinary approach to address health and welfare issues in people’s lives and everyday experiences. We study concepts related to health, sickness, welfare and social malaise and their connections to the broader societal and cultural processes they are a part of. Our basic premise is that how people encounter welfare and social malaise in their daily lives is connected in many ways to the societal structures, institutions, policies and the changes affecting them.

Health is a sociocultural space in which people, working at the intersection of varied interests and needs, make a multitude of life choices. Research conducted in our network is interdisciplinary and utilizes various methodological approaches. This enables us to examine health and welfare comprehensively: as an experience, a culturally and societally defined entity and a phenomenon that changes over time.

We produce new knowledge on the ideas, definitions, objectives, practices and policies of health and welfare, striving especially to locate the interfaces, contradictions and possible collision courses between daily life and societal structures. As of August 2017,  our network includes 53 researchers, with representatives from all five departments of our faculty. The network is coordinated by academic research fellow Jari Eilola.

Here you can browse our members’ ongoing projects and get to know our researchers and their specialities. If you have any questions or would like to plan collaboration or join our network, please contact hytti-hytk@jyu.fi.