The cultures and policies of health and welfare

In our approach to cultures and policies, we problematize the concepts of time, space and position, with social context typically defining the fault-lines and continuities. In HYTTI, welfare and social malaise are understood as experienced and socially defined phenomena that hold meanings on personal, communal and societal levels.

We have expertise in the areas of mental as well as physical health and sickness, the historical development of the social and health professions, the general history of medicine and science, and medicalization.

Our research interests are also guided by the perspectives of social relations and social interdependencies. Themes such as family, loneliness and marginalization, inequality and vulnerability are frequent keywords in our work.

In HYTTI, we also take on more sensitive but highly important topics such as domestic violence, gender and sexuality. On the practical side of our work, projects dealing with agency and inclusion as well as projects addressing the relationship between culture, art and wellbeing offer straightforward pathways for the development of praxis and fieldwork.

You can find the projects grouped under these themes and the contact information of PIs below.