Faculty Examinations

Faculty examinations are open for all students taking exams in the faculty's subjects. They are organized once a month on Fridays at 12.00, and held mainly in lecture hall L 304 (L building).

Examination Dates:

Autumn 2017

  • 8.9. (L 304)
  • 6.10 (exam in the main building, C1)
  • 10.11. (L304)
  • 1.12. (L304)


Spring 2017

  • 13.1.
  • 10.2.
  • 10.3. The exam rooms are  M103 and L 303 (room details will be sent by email for registered students)
  • 7.4.
  • 5.5.

Summer 2017 (on Mondays in rooms L 304, L 303 ja L 302)

  • 5.6.
  • 3.7
  • 14.8. 

The various Faculty departments are arranged in groups, and these groups are assigned to certain examination halls. In the entrance hall of L building there is a notice board on which you can check the examination hall of your department or subject  before the examination. In each hall there are two or three staff members invigilating the exam. Before the examination starts, invigilators distribute envelopes containing the examination questions to students in the entrance hall by calling them by name. After you have been given your envelope, you can enter the hall. Leave an empty seat on your both sides. You are not allowed to take your bag with you to your seat; in the examination hall, bags are to be left at the front of the hall. If you need something from your bag during the examination, please inform the invigilators.

Invigilators will tell you when you can open your envelope and start answering the questions. The duration of general examinations is four hours. The timing of an examination starts from the moment students see the questions. Invigilators can allow a student to take part in an examination even if he or she arrives late, provided that no person taking the examination has yet left the hall and that this does not disturb other examinees.

You are allowed to use only the sheets of paper provided in the examination hall. Very often supervisors go around among examinees and distribute extra sheets. If needed, you can also fetch extra sheets from the front of the examination hall. You can leave the examination hall when 30 minutes have passed since the beginning of the examination. Return your papers (questions included) in the envelope to the supervisors. Make sure that you have your ID card with you in case you are asked to show it when handing in your answer sheets.

Further information on the examination regulations is available on the website of the International Office.