Study Weeks Disappeared on 1 August 2008

From 1 August 2008, it was possible to take bachelor's and master’s degrees only in the ECTS credit (study point) system.

If your study week degree was not ready by 31 July, 2008, you were automatically transferred to the new degree system, based on study points. There is no reason to worry about this, because there are no extra requirements in the new degrees, which are of equal value to the old ones.

The fundamental difference between the old and new degree system is, in addition to the work load unit, that the master’s degree is always preceded by a bachelor's level degree or the Faculty’s decision of equal studies. A minor change is that a thesis is always required for “lukio” (upper-high school) level teaching competence (in the first subject).

For possible questions you may contact your department or the Faculty Office (in A-building).