Examinations and their grading

The regulations governing the grading of examinations, the grading scale used and the appeal process are laid down in the University of Jyväskylä Examination Regulations confirmed by the University Senate. The regulations are available in English on the web-site of the International Office.

In the grading of study entities (ie. Basic, Subject and Advanced Studies) the grading scale 'erinomaiset tiedot - hyvät tiedot - tyydyttävät tiedot - hylätty' (Excellent - Good - Satisfactory - Fail) is used. To obtain the grade Satisfactory the average of part-requirements must be between 1.00 - 1.62, for the grade Good between 1.63 - 2.37 and for the grade Excellent between 2.38 - 3.00. Some departments may have divergent grading practices, of which the students are informed by the department. To be able to continue studies on the next level of study, the overall grade for the previous level has to be Good or Excellent.