Compulsory language and communication studies

Both the Bachelor's and Master's degree include compulsory language and communication studies.

The requirements vary depending on the student's school language. If your school language was Finnish or Swedish, see the requirements.


If your school language has been other than Finnish or Swedish, you will need to complete the following language and communication studies:

  • Finnish Language 3-14 cr
  • Foreign Language course 1 cr
  • Maturity examination 1 cr
  • Orientation course 0 cr

Finnish Language (3-14 cr)

In Finnish Language, the students aiming at a Master's Degree are required to take the course Finnish 4. For a Bachelor's Degree and in the two-year Master's Programmes the course Finnish 2 is sufficient. Courses in Finnish are organised by the University Language Centre.

Foreign Language course (1 cr)

All students are required to complete a course in one foreign language, i.e. in a language other than their mother tongue or school language. The foreign language courses are offered by the University Language Centre. Note, however, that not all the courses offered by the University Language Centre meet the requirements, since basic and intermediate courses will not suffice. The course you take must be entitled "akateemisen perustason kurssi" in Finnish. These courses are planned to provide you with language knowledge appropriate to your own field of study. If your major or minor subject is a language (and other than your mother tongue or school language) in which you have completed Basic Studies, this will compensate for the foreign language course.

Maturity examination (1 cr)

The maturity examination is an essay-type paper written on the topic of a Seminar paper or a Thesis. It assesses both your mastery of the subject and your language ability. The maturity examination is normally taken when the paper in question (Proseminar or Seminar paper, Pro Gradu thesis) is being assessed. The examination is organised by your major subject and it is normally taken on a Faculty examination day. Registration for the maturity examination must be made one week before the examination day by filling in both a maturity registration form and the faculty examination envelope. Registration forms are available on the Faculty website (http://www.jyu.fi/tdk/hum/english/forms.html) and at the department offices. Those students whose mother tongue or school language has been other than Finnish or Swedish can take the maturity examination in any language which can be assessed by their department.

Orientation course (0 cr)

The orientation course is offered for international students of the University of Jyväskylä at the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters. The course is organised by the International Office. The course is recommended but not compulsory for those aiming at Bachelor's and Master's degrees. If you have attended the course it will be included in the communication and language studies in your degree. The course is not credited.

Additional courses

In addition to the minimum requirements listed above, it is possible to take additional courses which you may choose according to your own interests. These courses, which can be Basic and Intermediate courses, too, can be included in your communication and language studies.

Taking language and communication courses

It is recommended that you take the language and communication courses at quite an early stage of your studies, for example during the second year. Information on the courses is available at the website of the University Language Centre.

In some cases it is possible to compensate for language and communication studies with prior study attainments. Further information on the compensation practices of language and communication studies is available on the Faculty website (in Finnish), and at the Faculty Office.