Minor subjects forming part of the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

Study attainments included in the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees can be courses completed at the University of Jyväskylä or at some other Finnish or international university. You are entitled to choose minor studies from the Jyväskylä University curricula. Note, however, that in some subjects the right to study must be applied for.

Modules such as Études françaises, Deutsche Kulturstudien and Italian language and culture, or translation studies do not meet the minimum requirements for minor subject modules if the language studied in the module is the same as your major subject. The minor studies combinations which qualify you to teach at secondary schools are defined in detail,. Additional minor studies can be included in all degrees.

No minor studies, major studies or parts of these which were included in an equivalent, previously-conferred degree can be re-used when taking a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in the Humanities. Even if your previous degree contains both Basic and Subject Studies, you may not include the Basic Studies as part of your new degree. The major studies or parts of these included in your previous Master's degree cannot be re-used in a Bachelor's degree taken in the field of the Humanities. The Faculty can make an exception to this rule if it is necessary and justified for the student's professional qualifications (e.g. in Master's Programmes).

Admission to the study of minor subject

The procedure for admission to the study of minor subjects at the University of Jyväskylä varies according to the discipline. In the Faculty of Humanities, as well as in other Faculties, there are several minor subjects called "free approbaturs" (vapaat opinto-oikeudet), which means that all students of the University of Jyväskylä are entitled to study them as their minor subject without having to undergo any sort of application procedure. In addition to the free minor subjects, there are subjects to which students are admitted only on application. This application may be made either by submitting an application form or by taking an entrance examination.

Information on the minor subjects available at the Humanities can be found (for the time being only in Finnish) at the Faculty website (folder opiskelu). Information on minor subject applications is also displayed on the various departments' notice boards. The application deadline is normally 30th April, (in some subjects also the 31st October). In Language subjects and History, applicants need to take an entrance examination, for which they must register at least one week before the examination at the department in question.

Compensation for previous studies

A qualification awarded by a higher (degree-level) vocational school provides you with 80 cr and compensates for all the minor studies required for the Bachelor's and Master's degree; a three-year vocational qualification (not at degree level) provides you with 20 cr and is equal to one Basic Studies module. In order to obtain credits for your previous studies, deliver an officially certified copy of your diploma or the original degree certificate (which will be returned to you afterwards) to the Faculty Office. More information about compensation for previous studies.

The degree may include an indefinite number of individual courses; called optional, additional or other studies. These studies can be any type of academic course offered by the departments. One course cannot, however, be used for two different purposes, e.g. both as a part of a study module and as additional studies. In other words, no study attainment can be used twice in one degree. Additional studies can be, for example, computer courses, or studies in Philosophy, History, or foreign languages. The basic courses of the languages that you have already studied in secondary school are not accepted.