Recognition for Previous Studies

Recognition means crediting you for prior studies completed outside Jyväskylä University. Recognition can be either in terms of named courses or of specified number of credits, which will be recorded in the Jyväskylä University Study Record.

How to obtain recognition?

  • consult your study adviser to ensure that the recognition you might obtain conforms to your personal study plan.
  • make sure that before consultation with your study advisor you have a proposal as to the type of recognition you would like to obtain
  • be prepared to provide the original, or an officially-certified copy of, certificates; or transcripts confirming your qualifications

Individual courses in a major or a minor subject

  • the question of recognition is handled by the study adviser for the subject or the department in question (often the academic secretary ('amanuenssi' in Finnish), the assistant, or other staff members giving study counselling)
  • if you have taken a maturity examination in your previous major subject in the University of Jyväskylä and after this have changed your major, your new department can, if appropriate, approve your previous examination and record it in the Study Record
  • note that study attainments completed in foreign universities may also be credited by your department if they are intended to compensate for a specific course in the department's requirements. Compensation for a specific obligatory course usually requires the approval of the department beforehand.

Study Modules and Courses completed in Finnish universities

  • studies completed in other Finnish universities (or in open universities conforming to the curriculum of a Finnish university) can be recorded as such in the Jyväskylä University Study Record. In other words, no recognition process is needed.
  • the studies credited as such are additional studies and do not compensate for any courses in the Jyväskylä University requirements.
  • credits can be obtained by delivering an officially-certified copy of certificates or transcripts to Tapani Harden at the Student Services (T-building, 1st floor). Make sure that the completion date and the grade, if any, are stated on the document.

Crediting studies completed abroad which do not correspond to anything in the Jyväskylä University requirements

  • all studies completed in foreign universities can be included somewhere in your degree, either as part of the requirements of a certain subject or as additional studies.
  • in these cases, recognition must be approved by the Faculty Office; unless you want to compensate for a course in the requirements of a certain subject, in which case recognition is approved by the department in question (see point 1).
  • the easiest way to apply for recognition is to discuss it personally with the Head of Academic Affairs Ossi Päärnilä (A building, room 217b).
  • if appropriate, recognitions are credited as an entity of 10 credits at the minimum; so that they can be included in your minor studies and mentioned on your degree certificate.
  • a BA degree, for example, compensates for all the minor studies required for the Master's degree.

Vocational Diplomas or Degrees

  • recognition is approved by the Faculty Office.
  • for further information, see the list of the degrees credited below.

Language and communication studies

  • recognitions are handled at the University Language Centre (Oppio building).

Examples of the number of credits obtained

  • Qualification from a three-year vocational school (not at degree level) 20 cr / 40 ECTS cr
  • Higher Vocational Qualification (degree-level) 80 cr / 160 ECTS cr
  • Bachelor's Degree 80 cr / 160 ECTS cr

Further information: Head of Academic Affairs Ossi Päärnilä, tel. +358-(0)14 260 1204, e-mail: paarnila (a) campus.jyu.fi