Grade "excellent"


Aim and choice of subject

The aims of the thesis are well-defined and feasible. The starting points are well argued, making use of previous research and background literature. The text focuses on essential points. The research questions are defined appropriately and carefully.

Methods and data

Research methods are chosen following comparison of the various options available. The presentation attests to a knowledge and understanding of related research literature and other pertinent factors. The research frame is logical and well-defined. The methods and ways of collecting data used in previous research are taken into consideration and their possible advantages and disadvantages are explained. The chosen method is suitable for the research in question. The choice of data is appropriate.

Use of background literature

Relevant background literature is carefully and systematically analysed. All the points essential for the present research are made clear. The text shows that the literature has been critically evaluated while taking into consideration the aims and methods used.

Treatment of the subject, style and typography

The structure of the text is clear and coherent. The text proceeds logically and eloquently. Sources and references are used adequately and according to the instructions given. Tables and figures are composed carefully. The language use is good. The conventions of academic writing are carefully followed. The layout is flawless.


The results seem adequate in their scope and reliable in the light of the research questions posed. They are put forward in a clear, coherent and intelligible way. The significance of the findings is critically evaluated.


The thesis as a whole is well reasoned and coherent. The text is characterised by a critical and logical approach. The hypotheses and conclusions are well grounded. Those questions to which the research is not able to give an adequate answer are stated clearly. The possibilities for extending the research in doctoral studies are well discussed. Academic writing conventions are carefully observed. If extended appropriately the thesis could be approved as a licentiate thesis or doctoral dissertation.