Doctoral Studies

Doctoral programme of the Department of History and Ethnology, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (4 years)

Doctoral studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences stress the ability to conduct research independently, the ability to complete and report an extensive research project, and the ability to present and defend the research in a public examination. Society needs new scientific knowledge as well as academic experts. Doctoral education prepares the doctoral student to be an expert in her or his chosen field and provides the doctoral student with analytic thinking, problem-solving, communication and information technology skills.

The Department of History and Ethnology provides you with versatile and multi-faceted post-graduate training. At the core of the programme lies your own dissertation , but our programme also offers you many other opportunities for learning and scholarly collaboration within the research fields of our Department. We research the activities of humans and human communities; the prerequisites, conditions and results of those activities; and their chronological multi-layeredness. Our particular profile area is the comparative long-term study of societal crises, changes, and continuities. The research and teaching of the Department of History and Ethnology are closely linked to the profile of the University in general and its core field of Languages, Cultures and Continuities in Global Change processess in particular.

In the doctoral programme of the Department of History and Ethnology, the major subject may be Ethnology and Anthropology, Finnish History, Economic History or General History. The applicant must choose the major subject during the application phase.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Syllabus for Postgraduate Studies is available here.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree presupposes the postgraduate studies required in the syllabus as well as a dissertation. For further information regarding dissertations, please visit this page.

Prospective students must contact the main representative of the subject area in the department that organises the doctoral training. He or she is the contact person regarding the applications for postgraduate studies. The main representatives of the subject areas of the doctoral programme in the Department of History and Ethnology are:

  • Ethnology and Anthropology: Professor Outi Fingerroos
  • Finnish history: Professor Petri Karonen
  • Economic history: Professor Juha-Antti Lamberg
  • General history: Professor Pasi Ihalainen

The Department’s steering board acts as the follow-up group for post-graduate students. The contact person for the group is the pedagogical head of the department, senior researcher Piia Einonen.