Impola Petteri, Doctoral Student

Finnish History

Research keywords: agency, professionalization, intangible capital, human capital, social capital, the estate system, cunning-folk, midwife, legal representative, 17th century, 18th century, early modern, Sweden, Finland, everyday history

Subject of doctoral dissertation: The Agency and Intangible Capital on the Edge of Estate System in Finland dnettiin_PetteriImpola.jpguring the Swedish Empire (c 1620-1720)

My main research interest is to study agency and work, which were on the margins and out of ideals of estate based society in early modern period. There were plenty of self-educated agents of crucial everyday work, whose significance have been underestimated or invisible in earlier studies. It is important to understand basis, practices and effects of unofficial agency based on self-education and semi-professionalism, not just ideal work and statuses of early modern estate society. I am interested in where these agents got their knowledge and skills, and what was the meaning of their agency for themselves, for local communities, and for the early modern state building as well.

Research group affiliation: Early Modern Morals and Health and Well-being



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Editorial staff of J@rgonia, an electronic, peer-reviewed open access journal of ethnology, history, folklore and related fields.

Chairman of Jyväskylän historiallinen yhdistys, which is a local history association.

Member of the board of Researchers of Department of History and Ethnology.