Jouhki Jukka, Senior Lecturer

Jouhki Jukka, Senior Lecturer

I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and docentship in Ethnology. The topics of my research have varied a lot. My doctoral dissertation (2006) was about Auroville, a multinational community in South India and its relations with the local Tamil community. My post doctoral project (2006-2009) was about South Korean media culture and information society after which I have studied gambling on the internet and in Macao, mobile communication in India, the idea and community of Western countries as well as voting in Indian slums. I also have experience on filmed ethnography (see e.g. A Day in India, Macao: A Gambling City, and The Defence). My latest research focus is early marriage and female circumcision in The Gambia.

Methodologically, I am interested in different forms of ethnographic fieldwork (classical, digital or filmed), media analysis, and research ethics. Theoretically, I have examined the concepts of Orientalism and Occidentalism, banal nationalism and its extension banal Occidentalism, imagined communities and hyperreality.

I am the founding member of the Social Media Institute, the director of The West Network, and assistant director of the Poverty & Development Research Center and Extreme Anthropology Research Network. In January 2018, I started my tenure as the Editor-in-Chief of Human Technology journal.

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