Karonen Petri, Professor

Finnish history

Petri Karonen. Kuvaaja: Petteri Kivimäki.Office hours: by appointment.

As a Professor of Finnish history I am interested in the interaction between Finland, Nordic countries and the world in the long term.

Keywords of research: The common history of Finland and Sweden, the history of crisis and resilience, long term analysis, history of societies and economy.

Research projects: History of Society: Re-thinking Finland 1400–2000 (Academy of Finland: The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Historical Research, together with University of Tampere and Åbo Academy University); Driving Forces of Democracy: Patterns of Democratization in Finland and Sweden, 1890–2020 (Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, together with University of Helsinki and University of Södertörn); The Post-war Crisis in Finnish Society: Government and Local Communities Dealing with the Aftermath of Wars 1600—2000; In search of corruption and bad governance practices: Swedish and Finnish experiences, ca 1614–1917; Historiography of Finnish and Swedish historical research, ca 1860–2020; So 80s (the youth culture in Finland in the 1980s).