Koskivirta Anu, Senior Researcher

Finnish history
H 203

Anu Koskivirta2koko.jpgI am an Adjunct Professor (in Finnish, dosentti) of Finnish and Nordic history in the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland. Currently, I work as a Senior Researcher at the Department of History and Ethnology. My dissertation (in Finnish / in English) dealt with homicide and control systems in Eastern Finland during the last decades of Swedish rule (1748-1808). Since then, I have also studied, for example, the history of intra-family homicide, especially parental child homicide, as well as the history of courts and capital punishment, and the development of post mortem investigations.

In addition, I am interested in the periods of crisis in the cultural district of Eastern Finland in the long term. My studies have dealt with for example, the unrest at the eastern border area and the influence of the state border changes on local criminality, as well as the judicial culture in the county of Vyborg in general, but I am also interested in diverse political and cultural tensions in this region. As the vice chairperson of the Finnish Literature Society of Vyborg (in Finnish, see, Viipurin Suomalainen Kirjallisuusseura) my task is to fulfill the mission to increase scientific and popular historical knowledge of the town of Vyborg. I have also taken part to several local and business history projects.

I have recently been involved in compiling and editing the collection on the research ethics of history (in Finnish, see, Gaudeamus 2017), and in this area, I am especially interested in value judgements of different levels that must be made during the research process. In the future, I would also be interested in the ethical reading of various scientific debates.