Kotilainen Sofia, Docent

Project Researcher, Euroherit/Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies
Finnish history

Sofia K.jpgDocent in Family History

PhD, Finnish History; MSc (Econ.) Management and Leadership; Master of Social Sciences, Politics

Key concepts of research interests:

  • naming practices, personal names, historical onomastics
  • reading and writing skills, libraries, education, intangible capital
  • local communities and their mentalities, networks, families and clans, gender, leadership


ORCID-ID: 0000-0002-4701-6785


Research projects: postdoctoral researcher’s project ‘The Benefits of Literacy in Everyday Life: The impacts of improved literacy on the opportunities for social advancement in remote local communities (c. 1800–1930)’, funded by the Academy of Finland (2011–2014); Morals and institutional Change in 19th century Finland, funded by the Academy of Finland, leader PhD Olli Matikainen (2007–2008).

Research networks: Early Modern Morals, Childhood and Education (CE), Gender research network "Kantti"