Kuha Miia, Postdoctoral Researcher

Kuha Miia, Postdoctoral Researcher
Finnish history


I am a postdoctoral researcher studying early modern religious and cultural history. My research interests also include the historiography of early modern cultural history. I am especially interested in the everyday practice and thought of early modern people.

In my dissertation (2016), I studied the observance of holy days among the peasantry in the early modern province of Savo, located on the eastern periphery of the Swedish kingdom (today Eastern Finland). I examined the practices, norms and meanings related to the observance of holy days both within and outside the church, and analyzed the changes and continuities in the post-reformation period.

My postdoctoral research project focuses on Eastern Finnish Lutheran clergy in the parishes of the late 17th-century diocese of Vyborg. In this cultural historical study, I will explore the agency, everyday life and thought of the clerics in different phases of their lives and careers and in different local communities. I am also interested in the practical teaching of the church and the transmission of the Lutheran doctrine from the town of Vyborg to the local parishes.

I also work in the project Shared Past, Different Interpretations: Bibliometrical and qualitative analysis of the historiography of the common early modern history of Sweden and Finland. The project, led by Professor Petri Karonen, explores how the common early modern history of Sweden and Finland has been created in professional historiography (1860-2020). In this project, I focus on analyzing the historiography of cultural and ecclesiastical history. I am also member of the Early Modern Morals research center.

Keywords: 17th century, local communities, clergy, Lutheran religion, cultural history, historiography