Mikkonen Simo, Academy Research Fellow, Senior Researcher

general history

Simo Mikkonen

I am an Academy of Finland Research Fellow interested in the nature of historical knowledge and enthralled by the processes of interpretation and learning in history.

My area of expertise is Russian and East European history. I’ve examined more broadly the meaning of Russia and Russians in international relations and in different areas of the world. e.g. Russian emigre community in Shanghai (together with colleagues from Hong Kong), Soviet radio activities, and the role of Russian emigres in US anti-Soviet activities. These relate to the research centers Mobility, Networks & Modernity and Postwar studies.

Soviet Cultural diplomacy and transnational cultural networks are subjects that I’ve examined for several years, mostly through Russian archival materials. I’ve studied them both from the viewpoint of the state, as well as artists and the arts. I have also gathered oral history from artists and adminstrators that were involved in these networks. These studies are linked to the research center Comparative Study of Political Cultures.

I am part of the TEHO-team (Teaching History Outside the Box), which is a multi-disciplinary research group examining learning of history that cooperates with schools and teachers in order to develop methods for better teach history.

I’ve been a visiting scholar at Stanford University (2007/08) and University of California, Berkeley (2014/15) where I have cooperated with the leading experts on Russian history. I closely collaborate with HSE in Saint Petersburg.

I am an editor (2016-2020) for Historiallinen Aikakauskirja (Finnish Historical Journal) and I am also an invited member of Finnish Historical Society. I belong to BASEES and ASEEES.