Saksholm Juho, Doctoral Student

Finnish history

I am a PhD student of Finnish history. My main focus area is 20th century political history, more specifically Finnish and North European postwar political history from a comparative and transnational perspective. In addition to the interplay between the national and the transnational politics, I am particularly interested in the interplay between the political and the cultural, and the many ways in which these two spheres were combined in political discourses.

I acquired my MA degree from University of Jyväskylä in 2015. In my PhD thesis, I analyze the multi-sited political discourses of the 1960s radical movements in Finland, Sweden and West-Germany. By comparing these North European radical movements and their political discourses and concepts, I focus on both the transnational entanglements between North European radical agents, but also on the distinct differences between the political cultures in which these radical movements operated in.

I am a member of both the research center of Postwar studies and the research center of Comparative study of political cultures.