Valtonen Heli, Senior Researcher, Head of the Department


Heli Valtosen kuva

Docent in Social and Economic History.

 I have been studying wide range of social and economic phenomenon, and occasionally I have strayed among topics which are familiar to cultural historians. For instance, my doctoral dissertation (2004) concentrated on identities, values and mentalities in autobiographical texts of middle class women in Finland. Since then I have studied Finnish education and educational system and teacher education in Nordic, European and Western contexts, as well as Finnish and American business leaders. Additionally, I am interested in history of professions, work, family and gender. I am the leader of the research center of Gender Studies at the Department of History and Ethnology. Furthermore, I am also involved in activities of the research centers Early Modern Morals and Economic and business history, Study of strategies.

Office hours: kindly book an appointment via e-mail.

Keywords of research: cultural history, social history, economic and business history, history of education, professions.

Research projects: Subjective Virtues, Collective Cultures - A Comparative Perspective on Western Business Leaders’ Narratives of the Twentieth Century (Academy Research Fellow, Academy of Finland, 2009-2013), Creating corporate social responsibility: Leaders and their business values in Finland and the United States since the late nineteenth century.

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