Wilmi Jorma, Docent

Wilmi Jorma, Docent
Finnish history

My long-term research areas have been local history and identity, organizational history and social and economic history of rural Finland. My career has also included a period of over ten years as an entrepreneur in the field of the humanities. That is the reason why I am keen in promoting students´ skills in enacting and commercializing expertise in the humanities.

Nowadays my passions include practical experiments on cooperative base and the pedagogy linked with them. The focus of my research will be the strategies of the Finnish households and preparing for crises in a long run. Linked with that goal, researching private share investing and owning serves also developing the Finnish stock market. Worth mentioning as another research project, is remembering of individuals´ life courses in the context of aging and developing monitoring and measuring of the care of the seniors.

My most important international partners have been the Scandinavian researchers in the field of local history: The Norwegian Institute of Local history and Institute of Urban History, Stockholm.

Finnish collaborators of mine include researchers in municipal corporations, e.g. Finnish Local Heritage Federation, in rural developing organizations, e.g. ProAgria, researchers and target groups in private funding and finance, e.g. Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and The Finnish Shareholders' Association.