Arja Turunen

I am postdoctoral researcher in Ethnology, and at the moment I study the history of the Finnish second wave feminist movement in the grassroots and personal levels. The aim of my research is to find out how Finnish women got interested in feminism and how they  have practiced feminist ideas and aims in their own lives. Previously I have studied the history of women's trouser-wearing in Finland. In my thesis, I analyzed how the trouser question was discussed in Finnish women's magazines and what kind of advice women were given about the new fashion trend. In my previous research I studied, how women themselves experienced the introduction of the trouser trend and how they themselves made the decision, whether to wear them of not. Currently I am also the editor-in-chief of Ethnologia that is the journal of Finnish ethnology.

My research is motivated by the interest in the history of Finnish society and everyday life in the 20th century from the gender perspective, especially from women's perspective. During the 20th century the Finnish society went through tremendous changed caused by e.g. the modernization, and in my research I have wanted to examine what these changes meant for women and how they have experienced them.