Juha-Antti Lamberg

I am a professor of strategy and economic history with a research focus on the history of strategy and strategic management as well as the evolution of industries. My particular research interests have been the forest industry, the history of retailing, the myths and stories of management and leadership, and the political activity of entrepreneurs and business leaders in different historical contexts. My dissertation focused on the political activities of Finnish companies and their associations. The tension found in the research between individual-level strategic activity and the institutional change in the surrounding society has been central to practically all my empirical research since then. In cooperation with many different colleagues, we have, for example, examined why and how the Finnish retail industry is so oligopolistic and hierarchically structured, why most of the established companies in the forest industry never make their second substantial investment and how the economic elite's participation in 'national emergency projects' impacts long-term social and economic development processes.

In general, and hopefully in my work, research requires creativity and self-control at the same time. In economic and business history research, this means methodological versatility and ability to discuss outside of your field of study. Between my doctoral dissertation in 1999 and my return to Jyväskylä in 2011, I was able to work both as a researcher and as a professor in industrial engineering laboratories at the Tampere University of Technology and the Helsinki University of Technology. Education in economic history fitted well these contexts and it is hard to think a place in which it would not!