Finland in connection with Sweden

 Project: Finland in Connection with Sweden
Funded by: Academy of Finland
Period: 2004-2007
Researcher in charge: Professor Petri Karonen
Additional information: post doctoral research, doc. Jari Eilola

 The project studies the long term changes and continuities in the medieval and early modern period ca. 1400-1860. It aims to develop both empirical and theoretical knowledge in historical science. Firstly, it seeks ways of understanding and explaining the past in terms of contemporaries. Secondly, it uses and applies theories and terms of modern sciences to deepen and widen this understanding and knowledge. Thirdly, it is interested in changes and continuances over the long term. Fourthly, it concentrates on international comparisons. The project produces knowledge, which is based on Swedish and Finnish experiences and material. The research can be characterized by its will to connect “practice” to “thoughts” - and this connection is made possible by making use of theories and the influence of the different fields of history and from neighbouring academic fields.