MetAlert: Evaluation of strateguc behaviour in retrospective

Project: MetaSignal (1-2) and MetaAlert -projects: Evaluation of strategic behaviour in retrospective
Funded by:
Period: 2003-2004 (1), 2005 (2) ja 2006-2007 (MetaAlert)
Researcher in charge: Jari Ojala (reseach is in co-operation with Tampere University of Technology)

This interdisciplinary research project aims at studying the changes within the media industry over a long period of time. The project studies the media industry, both in retrospect (by “looking back”) and also by observing the evolving, current strategy processes. Within the research consortium, researchers at the Tampere University of Technology are aiming at an analysis of ongoing processes, whereas researchers at the University of Jyväskylä concentrate on the production of retrospective background information on the media industry and its major players.