History of Society: Re-thinking Finland 1400-2000 (Centre of Excellence, Academy of Finland, 2012-2017)

Director: professor Petri Karonen

In the Centre of Excellence, historians take issue with the existing history of Finland. It will be comprehended as a history of an imagined nation and a critical approach to a long process, formations, interactions, structures, communities and identities, which later become known as the history of the country. The Center of Excellence brings together three departments in the field of long-term history at the universities of Tampere, Jyväskylä and Åbo Akademi (Turku).

Organizations and groups

Researchers of the Centre of Excellence have already published hundreds of scientific articles and several monographs. At the moment, under way is also a two-part publication entitled “A New History of Finland ". All of the chapters in these books are to be written by several scholars. This kind of co-publishing is still quite rare at branch of historical research.

The Centre of Excellence includes various research projects and scholars from the Department of History and Ethnology. Some of the aforementioned persons collaborate looser with CoE and some of them are currently working outside the University of Jyväskylä. 



  • Karonen, Petri
  • Markkola, Pirjo
  • Nummela, Ilkka
  • Ojala, Jari
  • Vilkuna, Kustaa H.J.
  • Eloranta, Jari (visiting fellow)

Research fellows:

  • Aatsinki, Ulla
  • Eilola, Jari
  • Einonen, Piia
  • Frigren, Pirita
  • Hakanen, Marko
  • Hiljanen, Mikko
  • Hemminki, Tiina
  • Holmila, Antero
  • Koskinen, Ulla
  • Kuha, Miia
  • Malinen, Antti
  • Matikainen, Olli
  • Nevalainen, Pasi
  • Roiko-Jokela, Heikki
  • Räihä, Antti
  • Valtonen, Heli
  • Voutilainen, Miikka