The war that follows peace

 Project: The War That Follows Peace. Aftermath of the Second World War in the Finnish Society c. 1944—2000
Funded by:
Academy of Finland
Period: 2005-2007
Researcher in charge: Professor Petri Karonen

The “Post-war Crisis in Finnish Society: Government and Local Communities Dealing with the Aftermath of Wars 1600—2000” is a joint research project of the discipline of Finnish History at the University of Jyväskylä and Åbo Academy History Department. The project is financed mainly by the Finnish Academy for the years 2002—2005. The aim of the project is to investigate from a long-term perspective the problems which arise from a wartime society's transition to peacetime. All the events and phenomena studied are linked by the experience of war and, above all, by the problems arising from the shift from war to peace. On the one hand, the research is concerned with the long-term view of analysing, comparing and distinguishing the different courses of action which the government took in dealing with the post-war crisis. On the other hand, in-depth studies are aimed at studying the shorter-term effects of war. International research provides influences, initiatives and possibilities for comparison for this interdisciplinary project.