Examinations and registration

Vieraskieliset kirjat.jpg Two kinds of examinations are included in studies: final examinations of courses and lectures, and separate book examinations. The dates of the final examinations are announced during the course/lecture in question, and registration is usually not required. Book examinations are taken on faculty examination days.

Registration for the book examinations of the Department of History and Ethnology is done in the Korppi system. Instructions on how to choose relevant literature for examinations and how to take an examination are found in the curriculum. Students are urged to get acquainted with the instructions before registering, and, if needed, to ask the examiner for further advice. The examiners for each course can be found in Korppi. Before registering for an exam, students are encouraged to consider their curriculum and current resources: registering is worthwhile only when enough time is available for the preparation process.

In addition, exam re-sit days are organized at the Department in January and May, enabling students to (re)sit the final examinations from the previous term. Re-sit days are not intended for the completion of book examinations!