Learning and lecture diary

The purpose of learning or lecture diaries is not to summarize the contents of a lecture or course, nor to concentrate on your own feelings without deeper reflection. Instead, you should think, ask, compare, criticize, answer, and give reasons!

Discuss e.g. the following questions:

  • What did you expect from the event? What kind of advance information did you have on the subject? What did you wish to learn from the event?
  • What was the main point of what you learned? Remember that you are not supposed to simply summarize the programme and what the lecturer or other speakers said. Instead, you should analyse, reflect, synthesize, and consider.
  • What did you learn, realize, and discover in the event? What kind of picture did you get from the event’s subject or theme and its importance? Did you get new ideas and thoughts? Did you understand everything? Was there something that left you thinking?
  • Evaluate your learning. Did the event meet your expectations? Did you achieve your goals?
  • Consider whether you could utilize or apply what you learned later in your studies, e.g. in your thesis or other courses.

Give your learning diary a title, and remember to use 1.5 line spacing and font size 12 in formatting.