Lecture pass

A lecture pass consists of six entries that must be conducted during two consecutive terms. One entry equals one standard lecture (approx. 90 minutes). At HELA, a completed lecture pass equals two ECTS credits. In history and ethnology, the credits are mainly directed at HISA601—604 (other specialisation studies), and ETNA013 (optional lecture courses), respectively. Compensation for some other course requires that all the six entries revolve around the same subject, and that the compensation is agreed upon in advance with the teacher responsible for the course.

A learning diary of two pages is written for each lecture or presentation, stating the nature and significance of the event for the students’ own discipline, studies, and learning.

Events that can be utilized for the lecture pass

  • guest lectures (both Finnish and international)
  • conference and seminar lectures concerning or relating to HELA’s disciplines
  • public examinations of doctoral dissertations in HELA’s disciplines
  • guided tours and excursions organized by HELA’s disciplines
  • other events agreed upon individually

Exact information on the event as well as a signature either from the lecturer or from a member of the organizing party must be included in the lecture pass form. In events organized by HELA, the signature can be requested from any member of the Department’s faculty.

Lecture passes and learning diaries are addressed to the departmental coordinator of the discipline in question and returned to the mailbox (not the examination box) in the Historica building.