Master's thesis

Students begin their master’s thesis by attending the thesis seminar as part of their advanced studies. Students writing their master’s thesis are encouraged to participate in the library skills training offered by the University Library. Please contact the departmental coordinators or your thesis supervisor for more details on information retrieval.

The master’s thesis supervisor is chosen by the leading professor of the subject in accordance with students’ interests. Courses contributing to the completion of the master’s thesis are included in the curriculum. In addition, students discuss the progress of their thesis with the supervisor during his/her office hours.

When finished, students submit their master’s thesis to the supervisor for a preliminary review, after which the supervisor suggests revisions if needed. After the master’s thesis is completed, the leading professor names the reviewers (2) and informs the student. The student delivers the thesis for binding. The student then brings either two bound copies (history) or one bound and one original copy (ethnology) to the departmental coordinator of their discipline for final review. The student can collect the second copy from the departmental coordinator after the review.

The reviewers have one (1) month to complete the review process. Students receive a copy of the reviewers’ written statement from the reviewer after the thesis has been reviewed.