Departmental scholarships and compensation for study-related costs

Departmental scholarships and compensation for study-related costs

The Department of History and Ethnology does not grant its students scholarships for undergraduate studies. Neither is it possible to fund the operation of subject associations or other student organizations through scholarships. However, subject associations can apply for travel grants or funding for organizing events. Such grants are always agreed upon in advance.

Compensation for interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loans via the University’s Main Library, the Provincial Archives of Jyväskylä, or other institutions:

Students can only order material approved and considered necessary by their thesis supervisor.

In order to assess the total costs of the loan as accurately as possible, students should be well aware of the source material needed and the material should be compiled into one list. Supervisors approve the order by signing the list, after which they deliver a copy of the list to the pedagogical head of the Department.

Before making an interlibrary loan request, students should find out if the source material is available in Ebrary or on the Internet.

Primary sources or equivalent material can only be ordered for master’s theses, and only after careful consideration. After the completion of the thesis, any material paid for by the Department is assigned for the use of other students and staff and kept at the Department.