Study principles

Studying is work to which students are committed, in order to reach their learning objectives. Studying is essentially intellectual work that comprises thinking, writing, reading, and calculating. It also includes cooperation and interaction with other students, teachers, and tutors.

Enrolment at a university is a bilateral agreement by which students are committed to studying and the university to providing research-based teaching. Studying is full-time in nature and is based on a variety of forms of active work (e.g. lectures, group work, seminars). The idea that learning is social in nature forms the basis for education. Interaction with other students and teachers is fundamental, not only in learning, but also in assessing one’s own learning.

Students are responsible for themselves, their learning, and the progress of their studies. Study guidance helps students to plan and schedule their studies. The planning and developing of education are based on creating and maintaining equal and flexible practices among students and personnel. Fairness requires common rules, which are laid out in this document.