Mobility, Networks & Modernity research group

Leader: Simo Mikkonen

The MNM research group focuses on and produces knowledge about mobility and network(ing) as well as cultures, history, politics, general economics, social change processes, wellbeing and human technology. Research focus is primarily on Nordic and European countries, Eurasia, Africa and East Asia during modern and postmodern periods of history (i.e. modernity). Research group is characterized by multifaceted methodological and theoretical expertise in the fields of History and Ethnology.

Research projects:

  • British missionaries and knowledge-production from non-European world, c. 1796–1914 (Emil Aaltonen Foundation). Leader: Markku Hokkanen.
  • Democracy in the slums of India (Emil Aaltonen Foundation). Leader: Jukka Jouhki.
  • Finnish executives in India: A multimedial approach on Finns in Indian working environment (Alfred Kordelin Foundation). Leader: Jukka Jouhki.
  • Finnish-Soviet transnational networks. Leader: Simo Mikkonen.
  • The history of modern Berlin from the early 19th century to the present. Leader: Pertti Ahonen.
  • The history of post-World War II Europe on a thematic, transnational level. Leader: Prof. Pertti Ahonen.
  • Medicine, mobility and the empire: Nyasaland networks, c.1860-1960 (Academy of Finland, Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Oxford Brookes University). Leader: Markku Hokkanen.
  • Occidentalism: Discursive formations and cultural constructions of the West. Leader: Jukka Jouhki.
  • Reuniting the family. A study of the experiences of immigrants and officials (Academy of Finland). Leader: Outi Fingerroos.
  • Shanghai Russians 1917-1949: Networks and impact (In cooperation with Hong Kong Baptist University). Leader: Simo Mikkonen.
  • Soviet transnational networks (Academy of Finland). Leader: Simo Mikkonen.
  • Stories about the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. (Kone Foundation, The Finnish Association of Non-Fiction Writers). Leader: Outi Fingerroos.


  • Pertti Ahonen
  • Outi Fingerroos
  • Pasi Ihalainen

Research Fellows:

  • Aaron Goings
  • Markku Hokkanen
  • Jukka Jouhki
  • Sofia Kotilainen
  • Rinna Kullaa
  • Simo Mikkonen
  • Henna-Riikka Pennanen
  • Timo Särkkä

Doctoral Students:

  • Anne Häkkinen
  • Maarit Sinikangas