Looking for an expert?

Finding an expert lecturer

Are you looking for an expert to give a lecture or provide an introduction at your event? Are you in need of a commentator for a panel discussing language or communication related research or education? You can leave an inquiry for an appropriate expert from the Department of Language and Communication Studies by leaving your contact information in a separate form. We well get back to you as soon as possible

Theses, commissions and internships

Does your organization have a short-term need for an expert on language and/or communication? The students at the Department of Language and Communication Studies can help your organization with various language- and communication-related tasks. You can ask for a student’s help regarding:


One productive way to cooperate with the students at the Department of Language and Communication Studies is to arrange for one of them to write a thesis that your organization would find useful. Having a thesis written is a great way to obtain new knowledge for your organization and to get to know potential future employees.

There is a myriad of potential topics for theses: communication in working life, language use in the media, marketing communication, possibilities of language training (e.g. immersion courses), fiction and non-fiction literature, translations, international relations and so on. Suggest a topic that interests you!


Commissions are work tasks aimed at one or more students. Commissions can also be directed at a specific course, which allows even more students to participate in them. No matter which commission interests you, contact us. We will deliver your request directly to the students themselves or to the teaching and research staff, who will attempt to accommodate the commission to an appropriate course.

Commissions can include various tasks that require linguistic and communicational expertise, e.g. producing or translating texts, plans, producing content, writing different types of texts, organizing small-scale training or courses or presentations.

 If you have these or other tasks in mind, contact us!


If your organization has a need for a language and/or communication expert to do a larger, more specific task, an internship could be the option for you. Internships usually last three full months, but they can last longer as well. Depending on the case, the department may be able to pay a month's salary for the intern. Internships are aimed at graduate students who already possess a wide range of skills acquired through their studies.

Internships can include tasks such as  different communications tasks (e.g. writing press releases or news articles and marketing), content production, translating, interpreting, language planning,language training, personnel management and preparing reports, depending on the particular student's studies and skills.

If you are interested in hiring a student for practical training, contact us and we will help you find the right person to work for you!