Research areas

Researchers in Speech Communication address themes that have a multifaceted impact on the society we live in. Communication research projects yield both theoretical and practical outcomes.

Our research focuses especially on the dynamics of human interaction in working life. We investigate both face-to face and technology-mediated communication. The research aims at constructing theoretical understanding of human interaction in various communication contexts.

Interactional dynamics of interpersonal relationships, groups, teams and organizations are at the core of our research. The main areas of research in Speech Communication at the University of Jyväskylä are:

1) Interpersonal communication and relationships

  • interpersonal communication in working-life contexts
  • leadership communication
  • connections between interpersonal communication and occupational well-being
  • mental violence in working-life relationships

2) Groups and teams in working life

  • groups and teams in organizations
  • structuration and interaction dynamics
  • group and team competence

3) Technology-mediated communication in working life

  • technology-mediated interpersonal relationships 
  • dispersed groups and virtual teams
  • networks, networking and social media

4) Communication competence and communication education

  • communication competence and interaction skills
  • communication competence in working life 
  • communication education and expertise 
  • methods of analysis and evaluation of communication competence.