As an academic-professional discipline the Journalism programme introduces students to journalism profession and research. The professional objective of Journalism studies is to develop the students' multi-platform skills, facilitate team work, foster entrepreneurial and innovative attitudes towards new forms of journalism, and support internationalism. Studies prepare for journalistic work in various media.

Critical inquiry is the leading principle in Journalism studies, referring to an analytical way of approaching events and processes. The studies provide students also with means to analyse the journalistic working process and its products. A journalist, as well as a researcher, must be able to critically look for, evaluate and process information, and to present it to the public in an intelligible and interesting form. Therefore, the Journalism programme examines the role and functions of media in society, the legislation and the ethics of journalism, the relationship between the media and its audience, and the historical development and present structure of the media system in Finland and elsewhere. 

Journalism is the major subject in a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. It is possible to carry out BA and MA studies in Journalism only in Finnish. Curricula for BA and MA Degree Programmes in Journalism (in Finnish) are available on the website of the University of Jyväskylä. 

It is also possible to carry out PhD studies in Journalism in the Doctoral Programme of the Department of Language and Communication Studies. Admission to doctoral studies is possible also for applicants without a proficiency in Finnish. For more information about doctoral studies, please visit the website of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.