Organizational Communication and Public Relations

The aim of the academic discipline of Organizational Communication & Public Relations  (OCPR, in Finnish Yhteisöviestintä) is to analyze communication between organizations and various stakeholder groups. It provides students with knowledge to better understand the strategic function that communication fulfils for organizations. It also helps to acquire the tools to be able to analyze communication processes, give advice from a communication perspective, write strategy plans for communication, set up communication campaigns and implement communication research.

The focus is on communication management and communication research. This includes interaction within organizations (in internal networks) as well as interaction with the external environment (in external networks). Key topics are strategic communication, theory of public relations, internal communication and change, issues management, media relations, and marketing communication.

Studying OCPR trains you for work as a communication expert in companies, public organizations and NGOs, as well as in research, in agencies and consultancies. This includes functioning as a spokesperson, acting in monitoring, planning and management of communication, and various expert tasks in media relations and production of media or events, in research, consultation and advice.

Key themes for OCPR

The environment of organizations is highly dynamic and this highlights the importance communication. In education and research Organizational Communication and PR focuses on the following key themes.

  • Dynamic stakeholder relations, issues and crisis communication
  • Intangible assets and change communication in organizations
  • Innovations in the communication profession