A degree that reflects your talents and interests

Anniina Tauriainen When I started my studies at the university, my goal was to compile a degree that shows my interests and also helps me differentiate in the working life. I wanted to do things in my own way, and ended up doing two master’s degrees, the first in English and the second in OCPR. In addition to these I also studied some marketing, human relations management and intercultural studies.

OCPR is a great subject to study, as it relates to all kinds of fields, businesses and organizations. It is basically up to you what you want to do with it. For me OCPR provided the missing link between English and economics. This compilation has proven to be very useful in working life, and the best thing is that it includes the things I’m most interested in.

I’m working at Nordic Business Forum as a communications specialist. I run the daily communications activities and am also in charge of the event communications during our seminars. Running the communications for such major events has been very challenging, and I’ve definitely made use of the OCPR studies in my work.

The most important thing I have learned during the studies is the framework and mindset how to handle organizational communication in practice and what the role of communication is in an organization. In addition to principles and methods, the OCPR studies also provided me with concrete tools on how to manage organizational communication on a daily basis. The studies gave me a good foundation to further build my expertise in working life.