Work practice increased knowledge

Fifth-year student Anssi Huisman appreciates academic freedom and says that work practice was one of the best things among his studies. Read more.

"The aim is to become a consultant"

Anssi Huisman
I came to study OCPR because communication in general interested me. The choice was directed by the fact that writing and lingual matters have always been easy for me.

Organizational communication and PR is an interesting subject. It is seems to appear in many places.  The role of PR practitioners is appreciated - we get to influence human activities and thoughts.

The best thing about my studies has been freedom of choice. I have been able to study at my own pace, and do many things along with the studies.

One of the best experiences has been my practical training at communications agency Infor Consulting in Helsinki.  The courses and lectures give a basic understanding of our field. But during the work practice I learned a lot more.

Working with various clients gave me a perspective on the field. In practice, I wrote stories and assisted the consultants in a variety of studies and project implementation. The internship offered a lot of contacts and the cooperation has continued also after the training.

In the future I am interested to work as a communication consultant. An interesting and demanding role would suit a young and eager man, that could be a way to build a career! Also setting up my own company could be an option at some later date in the future.


Nowadays Anssi is working as a Head of Communications and Marketing. (2015)