Degree requirements

The curriculum and other useful information can be found on the faculty’s Guide for Doctoral Degree Students. In postgraduate studies one can aim at the degree of a Licentiate of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy. Most postgraduate students aim at the doctoral degree. The scope of the licentiate's degree is 120 and the doctor's degree 240 ECTS. In addition to the licentiate thesis (90 ECTS) or in addition to the doctoral dissertation (210 ECTS), 30 ECTS postgraduate studies are required.

The postgraduate studies of OCPR include active participation in the doctoral research seminars (10 ECTS) and postgraduate and advanced studies of communication sciences or other disciplines which support the own study (10 ECTS), and research skills (10 ECTS). The portfolio of postgraduate studies may include, for example, presentations in seminars and conferences, other scientific presentations or lectures given, visit reports and participation in the public defence of a doctoral thesis, scientific articles and other publications, and postgraduate courses at foreign or other Finnish universities. The research skills comprise research methods training (organised by universities), as well as education which familiarizes with the connection of research to society and its significance for the society.

The supervision of postgraduate studies is an essential part of the further training and includes the whole studying process from making a choice of the research topic to finishing the studies. Every postgraduate has its own main and second supervisor. The main supervisor and the postgraduate discuss the principles of the cooperation at the first stage of the research process. They agree on the objectives, and the planning of the doctoral research, how the supervision will be arranged and the research will be done, and other questions important for the progress of the work.

After being admitted (from 2nd year onwards), a postgraduate student must enrol annually by 15th September either for attendance or non-attendance.