Story of a doctoral student

Postgraduate studies give new perspectives to work

Tuija Korpela’s doctoral dissertation examines the construction of networks, value chains and development of the internal and external networks within companies.

Connection to working life motivates a graduate student

Tuija Korpela

I graduated in 1998 majoring in Russian language and literature, minors were marketing, society policy, pedagogy, and the German language. Organizational communication and PR I studied in postgraduate stage of my studies.

I have worked since 1994 as a teacher, trainer, training designer, training manager and now an expert. Currently, I work in Metso Corporation, in the Learning and Development team.

I ended up a post-graduate through work projects. Building networks, value chains and development and management of the internal and external networks within companies is very topical today and still an area that is constantly developing.

I have taken study leave for the studies, and my employer has responded very positively to my studies. For this I am truly grateful, as I have been able to combine work and study. My topic is: “Supply Chain - a Case Study to clarify critical factors in the communication."

Organizational communication and PR is a subject, which is linked to a range of levels in professional life, which is why it motivates me to study it. Also the excellent staff of the sub-department motivates a lot!

As a graduate student, I received consistent support, as well as interesting seminars with other graduate students that brought new aspects in communication phenomena of working life.


In March 2015, Tuija Korpela gained the doctor's degree. The title of her dissertation is Dyadic relations between the main contractor and its suppliers - A case study to clarify critical factors in Metso Paper Ltd.