To become a doctoral student

Graduates that intent to take the Licentiate’s or the Doctor's degree can apply for postgraduate studies from the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Humanities. One can do so twice a year. The right to study is granted directly to the doctor's degree. The application instructions can be found on the faculty web pages.

Before applying for postgraduate studies, the candidate contacts one of the OCPR supervisors of doctoral studies to discuss the research plan (Marita Vos, Vilma Luoma-aho and Pertti Hurme).

There is no tuition fee to be paid for doctoral studies in Finland but it is also not easy to get scholarships, as these are mainly provided by small funds with diverse objectives and deadlines. Postgraduate students receive information about such matters via the Optima workspace and the email list. There are some university scholarships that are competitive and limited in number and duration. Many do postgraduate studies next to a job and combine these activities, sometimes helped with some facilities by the employer and study leave. Some doctoral students work in research projects or received grants of various funds. Some more information on funding you can read on the faculty web pages.

Most of the doctoral students have studied OCPR or related studies in Finland, or studied communication science abroad, e.g. in the Baltics. The seminar meetings are in English because of foreign participants. The thesis is often written in English to have a wider scientific audience. It can have the form of a monograph or a combination of articles.