Work practice

Work practice in OCPR is included in the advanced master studies. The length of the practicing period should be at least 3 months. It can be done either as a full-time work practice, or as a longer period of part-time work. Suitable organizations are those in which students have tasks in the field of OCPR. 

At the work place there should be a supervisor named for the trainee, because it is not a summer job but an occasion where matters learned can be applied in practice. The organization for the work practice must be accepted by the lecturer before the practice period starts. In special cases a substitute report can be agreed on about a work project that is part of a job.

The work practice (8 ECTS) is graded on the basis of a practice plan, practice report and an evaluation given by the supervisor at the work place.

The report (click for instructions) about the work practice is written and handed in within a few weeks after the end of the work practice period. The report is confidential.